3X3 NINE for OEM

Can a hub be fun to configure? We think so. That’s why we designed the NINE to be compatible with urban, cargo, and mountain bikes, in both e-bike and conventional bike variants. What’s more, our production site is in Adelmanns­felden, near the German city of Stuttgart, an area renowned for its excellent manufacturing quality and production capacity. So, all there is to decide is when you’re going to check it out.

High-tech at Industry 4.0 level Made in Germany

As Swabians, we are obsessed with doing things perfectly. That’s why we use leading manufacturing technologies that meet Industry 4.0 standards, with a focus on mobility solutions—and we’ve been doing so for years. This means you get products that meet all quality standards, delivered quickly and reliably. And, thanks to a high degree of automation, we can also handle high volumes without breaking a sweat.

Great specs, more fun Benefits of the 3X3 NINE 9-speed gear hub

9-speed gear hub


Thanks to its standard quick-release axle and standard axle widths, the NINE fits perfectly in all common frames. If you have any special requirements, we can also make the necessary modifications.

Performance data

Overall gear ratio: 554%
Maximum input torque: 250 Nm
High efficiency

Made in Germany

In Adelmannsfelden, to be precise, a town you probably haven’t heard of before. All you do need to know is that we offer absolute delivery reliability and that we use short transport routes, thus protecting the environment.

Technical details 3X3 NINE

Who wants to spend their time maintaining their bike? No one! That’s why we’ve developed a gear hub that makes cycling even easier and more intuitive. The NINE needs little maintenance and works both when stationary and under load. Its planetary gearbox is protected from the environment and operates with the same precision after thousands of kilometers as it did on its first day of use. You can use it with either a chain or a belt drive and it is robust enough to easily handle even powerful electric motors. You may not be able to tell from the outside, but the housing conceals the finest technology available, so all bikers need to do is ride.

  • Gears:


  • Gear ratio:

    554 %

  • Gear step:

    ca. 24 %

  • Maximum input torque:

    250 Nm

  • Shift control:

    Rotary shift and e-shift

  • Various frame standards:

    135 mm quick release
    142 mm thru axle 12 mm
    148 mm thru axle 12 mm

  • Weight:

    2 kg

  • Drive options:

    chain or belt

  • Brake discs:

    Available in all common sizes

  • Spoke flange:

    32-hole and 36-hole

Which components fit the
3X3 NINE gear hub?

Learn more about the possibilities of shift control.


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