3X3 Components

We love simple solutions. That’s why all our components are perfectly matched so that you never have to waste time hunting for the right accessories. Sound good? It gets even better—durability and sustainability have always been the top priorities in our development and procurement processes.

Shift control

3X3 SHIFT E9 Electric 9-speed gear set

Using wireless communication or CAN bus, the new electric gearshift takes gear shifting to the next level. Without cables, you can precisely control the gear shift in a fraction of a second. The auto downshift makes starting off easier by automatically downshifting to a lower gear. And last but not least, the look is simply extremely clean.

Available from October 2023


The high-quality e-trigger is concealed underneath the handlebar, allowing safe and ergonomic operation to be combined with an uncluttered appearance. The power supply is provided by a button cell.

3X3 Shift E9.XP

The robust actuator on the rear wheel is wirelessly controlled and has a plug connection to the power supply. This means the rear wheel can be easily removed without tools on both quick-release axles and quick-release skewers. The actuator reduces load when shifting and can also be adjusted to the respective e-bike motor.

Available from October 2023

3X3 SHIFT R9 Rotation 9-speed gear set

We use proven technology within our rotary shift version—in this case, two Bowden cables and a gear shifter. This low-maintenance solution is ideal for conventional bicycles, but it can also be used in e-bikes.


The familiar twist-grip provides direct feedback when shifting, but the gear index is in the gearbox rather than on the grip itself. On handlebars with a diameter of 20 mm, it delivers the perfect feel with high-quality materials and optimized Bowden cable routing.


The tension of the Bowden cable is adjusted at the gear shifter and, again, the rear wheel can be removed without tools in the rotary shift variant. The gear mechanism can be fitted at 30° increments, and the slim design fits seamlessly into any frame.

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Biking but better

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Nine gears, 554% gear ratio, calibrated for life

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Can withstand an input torque of up to 250 Nm, even without maintenance

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Designed, developed and made in Germany


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