Über 3X3

What is 3X3?

We believe that cycling could be even better. And we think it would be more fun if the gearshift worked perfectly every time, without you having to spend much time maintaining it. Therefore we have developed a gearshift that does just that—one that is compatible with both e-bikes and conventional bikes, with chain or belt drives.

Free your bike

What do you love about biking? Is it the speed? The fun? The curves? The sense of adventure? For most people, it’s not the maintenance. That’s why we founded 3X3. Complex bike technology is fine, but only if it makes life easier. That’s the philosophy at work in the 3X3 NINE gear hub.

Mobility is changing—in the direction of 3X3

Bicycles, and in particular e-bikes, are taking on an increasingly important role in urban environments, and this is intensifying the requirements for gearshifts. At the same time, production is often plagued by long delivery times and supply chain uncertainties. 3X3 provides the perfect answer to all these challenges by combining our solid expertise with new technical standards and reliable delivery. This opens up entirely new opportunities for manufacturers and cyclists alike.

3X3 by H+B Hightech

3X3 is a brand of H+B Hightech GmbH, a highly specialized manufacturing company with a focus on future-proof engineering. The company’s expertise extends from the development of market-ready products to the selection of optimal production technology. Whatever the task at hand, our aim is to actively shape the future of sustainable mobility.

Our system partners

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Biking but better

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Nine gears, 554% gear ratio, ­calibrated for life

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Can withstand an input torque of up to ­250 Nm, even without much maintenance

  • The 3X3 NINE

    Designed, developed and made in Germany


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