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  • All our products are “Made in Germany”. This includes development, manufacturing and assembly. We rely on regional suppliers at Industry 4.0 level, who meet the same quality standards that we have set as our goal for H+B Hightech GmbH.

  • VPL Vapor Propulsion Labs is the contact for the American region. Contact VPL here.

  • In principle, this is possible. Through our network partners „3X3 Service Hubs and Dealers“, you will find trained workshops and dealers from the 3X3 Alliance who will be happy to provide you with first-class support.

Gear shifting

  • Yes, that is an advantage of gear hubs over derailleur systems. They can be shifted even when standing still and also multiple gears at once. As an example: If you are cut with a fully loaded cargo bike and thus forced to decelerate heavily, it is very difficult to get into a lower starting gear with a derailleur system. In addition to endangering road traffic through lurching starts, this is also bad for the material and further increases wear.

  • Yes, shifting several gears at once or even shifting while standing still are no problem with the 3X3 NINE gear hub.

Service & Maintenance

  • The 3X3 NINE is protected against the intrusion of moisture according to the latest standards. However, we strongly advice against cleaning the gear hub using a high pressure washer.

  • Contact the dealer where you bought the bike – the dealer will then contact us. Of course we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • No, otherwise the warranty will be voided.


  • Number of spokes: 32- or 36-hole

    Spoke flange distance left:
    135mm: 27mm
    142mm: 27mm
    148mm: 30mm
    Spoke flange distance right:
    135mm: 27mm
    142mm: 27mm
    148mm: 24mm

    Spoke flange diameter: 134mm (left and right)

    Spoke hole diameter: 2.8mm

    Spoke flange width: centre of spoke hole 4mm

    Maximum spoke tension: 1500N

    Preferred spoke pattern:
    20″”: 1-cross
    24″”-29″”: 2-cross

    Recommended spokes: Sapim Strong ED 2.34-2.0 in combination with Sapim Poly-Achs Secure nipples

  • The 3X3 NINE is approved for wheel use according to ISO 15194:2017 and EPAC45. For more information and inspection reports, please send us an email.

  • This should be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the application. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

  • No, the 3X3 NINE gear hub is not compatible with a coaster brake.

  • The maximum system weight of the gear hub is 180 kg. The system weight is the sum of the rider, clothing, luggage, if permitted, the trailer and its contents.

  • Gear Ratio 
    1 0,527 1,898
    2 0,654 1,529
    3 0,811 1,234
    4 1,000 1,000
    5 1,241 0,806
    6 1,539 0,650
    7 1,898 0,527
    8 2,356 0,424
    9 2,920 0,342
  • No, the electric shifting can currently only be used with a Bosch Smart System. The power supply for the shifting unit and the gear indicator is provided by the e-bike system. Further solutions are already in the works.

  • Yes, the gear hub is compatible with 142 and 148 mm thru axles with 12 mm bore. This makes the rear ends of the bike significantly stiffer than with quick-release versions.

  • The individual gears of the 3X3 NINE cannot be changed. By adjusting the primary gear ratio (front sprocket and rear sprocket), the entire gear ratio can be shifted to fast and slow. For e-bikes, observe the specifications for component replacement in order to comply with the legal requirements!

  • Yes, as long as the bicycle frame is suitable for a belt drive. Please refer to the technical manuals of the company Gates Carbon Drives.


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